Precision mold components die part and mold parts
Location: Aurangabad - Bihar
Date Posted: 22 Diciembre
Yubo Mold Parts is specializing mainly manufactures and markets hardware moulds and plastic
mould spareparts Taiwan-funded enterprises, over the years though efforts of the leaders
and the whole staffs, Precision die Mold part, ejector pin, core pin, die punch is our main products,
the company is rapid growth. The factory has transformed from simple punching moulds to
complicated plastic mouldand high Precision processive mould, the product range covers
hardware, plastics, electric appliance, automobile ,stationery and cosmetic.
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JuJia Industrial Park, NO.58 FuMinNan Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, China, Aurangabad, Bihar
Chen Nicky
Chen Nicky

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